Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our most appalling secrets

Weird things you probably never needed to know about us:

-I can not get off the couch if I am laying down and another person is on the couch with me. They have to get off so I can roll off the couch. I also roll out of bed, onto my knees, every morning.

-Jason moves more in his sleep than any other person I have ever met. Usually, he ends up lying in an L, with his head and shoulders above my head. However, once the alarm starts going off, he will change positions every 5 minutes. Oh, and he doesn't sleep with a pillow under his head. He hugs it.

-I can do almost anything imaginable with hair. Except for a french braid. It's pretty ridiculous.

-We call Jason the Encyclopedia. I consider it an incredible victory if I can tell him something he doesn't already know.

- In high school, I was on the Academic Decathlon team. Jason thinks it's hilarious that I ever did anything that nerdy.

- Jason doesn't know what a homophone is.

-I read about three books a week. But we refuse to buy books. They're too heavy to move.

-Jason is the epitome of pent-up energy. He frequently bounds. And sticks his tongue out at me. And hugs me with his head against my tummy. So basically....he's a three-year-old in his mind.

-I have learned more about computers being married to Jason, than I ever did in my computer classes in school.

-We watch a lot of home redecorating shows- I don't even have to twist his arm. We talk a lot about architecture, and what kind of house we want one day.

-I hate odd numbers.

-Jason squeezes from the bottom of the toothpaste tube.

- I squeeze from the middle.

- Our apartment is always clean and organized, always. But my purse is basically a glorified garbage can- I have to have one thing that isn't pristine.

-Jason is OCD about his desk, his computer cord, his toiletries bag, and his scripture case.

-My clothes have to be folded in a certain way, and are stacked in specific order, or hung up by color. A defining moment in my life was acquiring matching hangers.