Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wheatfields + BYU-I + Isolation = Rexburg

So we made it to Rexburg; home of the Vikings, Craigo's Pizza, and rabid rifle-carrying Republicans. The weather is finally turning to the winter this part of Mormondom is known for and cold/flu season is on! My love for Rexburg could be attributed to three things: the beautiful new temple that overlooks the entire city (and is conveniently located two blocks from our front door), Craigo's Pizza (with the worst bathrooms in the state but the best pizza in the freakin world), and the botanical garden on campus. The lack of any major cities nearby is somewhat inconvenient, and cabin-fever inducing, but on the bright side, we have no time and play money. All sarcastic comments to the side, we have enjoyed being here and conquering life as adults. Jason is currently working as a Tech Support Assistant for the University, and is amazing everyone with just how incredible he is. I am working at one of the local elementary schools as a Teacher's Aide for a fourth-grade boy with Autism. I've decided that the greatest birth control is a 300 of other peoples' children. Lately, we've been establishing our own traditions: Friday or Saturday night homemade pizza, waking up on Saturday morning to watch the latest episode of "The Office" together in our p.j.s, looking up hilarious SNL skits, and reading together-Calvin and Hobbes. Jason says our children won't be as bad as Calvin, but from what I've heard about Jason as a little boy, I'm not so sure. They may just draw octupuses all over the carpet. Our latest "adventure" was dressing up for Halloween. We went as Wendy and Peter Pan, because, well, you know Jason. This resulted in two things: Jason reliving a portion of his childhood, and my vow to never sew a Halloween costume again.