Saturday, February 7, 2009

Life in Southern Antartica

So I've come to accept the fact that at this point, it's a little late to post about Christmas Break. It has been an absolutely insane month. Jason started a new semester and in now fully immersed in his five classes- four computer courses (Java, C++, networking, and web design in case you're interested) and family history. He has been.....busy, but he loves having his own website. It's pretty and he would recommend you visit the site: So while Jason has been slaving away on his computer, I have been doing, well, what would you expect from someone who doesn't have homework? Well, here's a typical day for me: I get up at around 6:20 and get ready for the day. I get to the elementary school at around 8:20. And then I wait for Treyson to show up. He's usually late. The first 3 1/2 hours drag by with me trying to pound times tables and sentence structure (which at this point mostly consists of reminding him to leave spaces between words and to capitalize and punctuate). The rest of the day is a fight between us to see who can win the battle of wills and attention span. The last bell for the day is like the flippin symphony for me. I rush to go run errands- we always run out of basics all at the same time. It's obnoxious and scary, I swear that people here do not pay attention to their driving. I then hurry to force myself to work out. Jason comes home and I try to figure out dinner. The rest of the night may include a movie in some form, food blog exploration, and usually a crossword. I know, not very exciting whatsoever. Sometimes, though, things get pretty sketchy. Like the day the cougar was wandering around town, or when it dropped to 22 below and work was canceled for me. On the upside, I did apply for a passport. So we could leave the country, if we wanted.