Friday, October 22, 2010

Ruling the Roost

So I always feel like a loser because it seems like we have nothing going on. And then I feel like life could not get any crazier. The phone is constantly ringing, Madelyn's therapists are always at our apartment, the trash is always overflowing, and of course Madelyn is insanely cute (okay, she also needs to be fed and kept clean and entertained). What is going to happen when we have more kids? So basically we live a constantly busy and somewhat boring life. But we do have some fun stuff going on as of late!

-Madelyn has discovered her hands. She raises her fists (which kinda smell funny since she has sweaty palms due to clenching those fists so tightly) in front of her fists and concentrates really hard on those babies. She tries really hard to one of those fists to her mouth, but so far, nothing.

-Madelyn now demands attention. She needs to be talked to. She needs to be held. She needs love! Or else she yells, cries, and pouts. She has the best pouty lip I've seen. Like, for reals. She loves listening to music (favorites are Taylor Swift, Michael Buble, and some Disney, and of course, songs sung by Mommy and Daddy). She also loves loves loves dancing.

-Madelyn can laugh, and she does it a lot. It's a strange little laugh, and it's hard to hear sometimes. However, if we are dancing with her, she will laugh hysterically and quite audibly.

-Our child is naughty. She cries when Mom leaves her with Dad, she cries when she has to run errands with Mom, and she doesn't care for naps. Umm, as in she slept for a total of thirty minutes between 7:15 am and 5:30 pm. Grumpy kiddo today.

-As you can tell, Madelyn is the queen of our apartment, and Jason and I have become second class citizens. Her complete and utter control over us is based on cuteness. She wins hands down.

-Jason is still working hard. Really really really hard. He's doing awesome in school and is pretty much amazing as an employee too. That, we are sorry to say, is his life right now. He is dying for a vacation outside of Utah.

-Megan is 90% Mommy and 10% Seamstress. Sewing is really my favorite hobby lately. I've been sewing headbands, and various items of clothing for Madelyn. I finished my and Madelyn's Halloween costumes. I've gotten really creative with my fabric scraps and odds and ends. My projects do not always turn out, but I have grandiose plans for my little fabric scraps.

-Megan has been baking lots less, and bookmarking more recipes. In fact, my baking is mostly just experimenting with whole wheat flour, which I am trying to like. I've made some sweet potato rock muffins. Lesson learned: Whole Wheat All-Purpose Flour is not the same as Whole Wheat Pastry Flour. Major fail. But, But! I can now fit into a pair of khakis that I wore before I got pregnant. Yes, they are my biggest pre-pregnancy pants, and yes, they look horrible with my pasty skin, but they fit nevertheless.

Like I said, we are incredibly boring, and more than a little overdue for a break of some kind. But we have a darling little girl who keeps life incredibly interesting, messy, and joyful. Unfortunately, no pictures today. I'm still trying to figure out the MacBook I inherited from Jason and I haven't attempted uploading pictures from memory cards yet....