Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What's In My Bag?

I have seen multiple blog posts about the contents of various women's purses, and since I always enjoy reading these, I thought I'd get in on the fun! Here's my lovely diaper bag which also has to serve as my purse (not that I mind, it's a pretty darn cute diaper bag).

And here's an inside shot:

Okay, so now I'm going to pull out everything and list it here for you! You lucky, lucky people!

-A recipe for Double Chocolate M&M Cookies
-2 packs of Extra gum: strawberry shortcake and polar ice
-Vaseline Lip Therapy
-Berry-colored lipstick
-Dr. Pepper chapstick
-2 tubes of pink lipgloss
-A makeup compact minus makeup
-Bobby pins
-Hair elastic
-Mini hand sanitizer
-2 moist towelettes
-iPod touch in fabric case
-Skullcandy (love them) earbuds
-Sunglasses in fabric case
-1 smooshed strawberry granola bar
- a handful of gum wrappers
-changing pad
-part of a Winco ad
-a traveling formula container
-diaper wipes in case
-Madelyn's jacket and gloves
-Madelyn's hat
-my leather gloves
-2 burp clothes
-a white baby headband
-a green onesie
-a brown floral onesie
-2 tubes of diaper rash ointment
-a pair of baby booties
-baby lotion
-baby tylenol
-five diapers
-a purple sweatsuit for Madelyn
-a pair of pink newborn booties (that don't fit Madelyn anymore)
-a bib
-WIC packet
-3 play rings
-a miniature rainbow slinky
-a booger bulb
-a tupperware full of bobby pins
-Madelyn's immunization card
-3 receipts
-a very large business card for Primary Children's

And that's it! Madelyn and I are slightly high maintenance, and we require a very large and a very full diaper bag to feel secure in life....Sorry though, if you found this boring. I'm not very cool.


  1. Mrs. Poppins!! I mean... Megan... that was INTENSE!
    Woooow. Ha ha ha! Nice!

  2. Yeah....it gets pretty heavy sometimes....I do wish I had Mary Poppins bag though, that would be super cool!